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Hamzy's Ketsu-Ka™ Karate

Hamzy's Ketsu-Ka™ Karate is the Best Practical form of Self Defense.  It combines Karate, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Savate & Aikido as one.

What is the Hamzy's Ketsu-Ka™ style? 

The Hamzy's Ketsu-Ka™ Karate style is the combination of Ketsugo and Karate. It offers the best in Karate and practical self defense. Training sessions in these styles improve physical fitness, develop reflexes, and instill self confidence, self control, self respect, and self discipline. Everyone needs physical activity and this is an excellent way to acquire this activity during which time they are improving their body and mind. 

What is the Ketsugo style? 

Ketsugo is a very well rounded art of self defense in the sense that it consists of Ju-Jitsu and Karate techniques, but also includes Aikido and Judo plus multiple attacking throws. Ketsugo has been practiced for many years and has proved to be very effective.

We teach students techniques that they can use to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Through training students not only learn self-defense techniques but they also develop self-confidence, control, and discipline.
Students learn the techniques they need to defend themselves when they have to and they learn the discipline they need to walk away from a situation when they can.  Our classes are open to men, women, and children five years of age and older.


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